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愛なんて ♪

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Sailor Ocean
15 December 1989
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princess_ocean. French 20-years-old girl. Currently living in Versailles (France), but I hope I'll live in Japan one day. Studying japanese language at university Paris 7.

I'm totally in love with NEWS and particularly Tegoshi. I love them so much, you can't imagine . I watched a lot of their dramas, mostly Pi's, Ryô's and Tegoshi's ones, and my favourites are Ryô's ones, because he's really, really awesome when acting :3. I like a lot mangas and animes, too : CLAMP's ones, Pandora Hearts, Mai Otome, Code Geass, D.Gray-Man, Dragonaut, Fairy Tail... I don't like annoying and stupid people.

I have three passions. Tegoshi NEWS, writing/reading and webdesigning/webmastering. I love to write when I've free time, and I read A LOT and QUICKLY, you can't imagine. I'm really fan of fantasy novels, you know ? And then, the third... I'm doing this since 8 years. Yup. I had so many websites... Now, I've even a website about NEWS. I love to create graphics, too.

But I didn't talk about my first passion.
I really love NEWS a lot. Ryô-chan and Yamapi are second and third in my heart. Then come Massu, Shige, Koyama. But... Tegoshi is the only one. I love his cute face, I love his voice, I love how he's always biting his lips, I love the way he looks like so much to a roguish kid in Weeeek PV, I love how he tries to be sexy, I love when he's wearing jeans, I love when he's singing, speaking, laughing, pouting, I love when he's singing at his voice's peak, I love when he's playing guitar, I love when he's dancing, I love when he's singing Ai Nante...

I love him too much, to be short - my heart, my poor heart..! (And my poor purse, too... If you'd know how much I spent in NEWS/Tegoshi's goods...). And my favourite song is, of course, Ai Nante (solo version or not).

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